Volume 3 Issue 1 [Jan – March 2024]

Investment Arbitration’s Precarious Perch: A Jurisprudential Lack of Consensus on Pre-Conditions

Investment arbitration, hailed as a cornerstone of international trade and investment, finds itself embroiled in a critical debate regarding the interpretation and application of pre-conditions to arbitration. This article delves into the heart of this debate, analysing the lack of consensus within the jurisprudence and its implications for the legitimacy and effectiveness of the system.

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ADR and Access to Justice

Desire for affordable and quick justice is universal. Justice, a crucial aspect of any civilized society, intends to establish fairness, equity, and equal opportunities for all members or citizens. The Preamble of India reflects this goal with aspirations of “justice-social, economic, and political.” Article 39-A of the Constitution ensures equal access to justice. The administration

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