The International Law and the Russian – Ukraine Conflict Resolution

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Journal Title: Journal of Alternate Dispute Resolution
Author(s): Dr. Charles Ishengoma Kato
Published On: 25/08/2023
Volume: 2
First Page: 65
Last Page: 95
ISSN: 2583-682X
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Dr. Charles Ishengoma Kato, The International Law and the Russian – Ukraine Conflict Resolution, Volume 2 Issue 3, Journal of Alternate Dispute Resolution, pp 65-95, Published on 25/08/2023, Available at


This paper examines a summary of the historical ground of the Russian and Ukraine War along with basic principles of international law in dispute resolution. The paper classifies the basic principles of international law as including the principle of non-use of force; the principle of the territorial integrity of the state; the principle of peaceful settlement of international disputes; and the principle of international good faith.

The study upon which this paper is based is the analysis of the prevailing situation in Ukraine concerning the UN Charter and International law. The study has found the situation in Ukraine to be fueled by the expansionism policy by Russia. The war has resulted in the massive killing of innocent people. International law has been ignored and the world is indeed witnessing. Given the situation in Ukraine, it is high time for the UN to effectively intervene to control and contain the situation. There are tangible pieces of evidence that demonstrate the violations of international law. This is in particular violation related to human rights. By doing so, the UN will be implementing its obligatory duties and should not end up with declarations. Thus, it is recommended that the UN should get the lead in the efforts of Russia and Ukraine dispute resolution.

This paper underscores the value of implementing the UN Charter and international law to solve international disputes. It divulges the negative impacts of using war as a means to solve international disputes. It reminds the world of the impotence of using peaceful means as a comprehensive method of solving disputes permanently.

Keywords: International Law, Disputes, Conflict and Resolution, Russia, Ukraine, Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy

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