An Evaluation of the Pro-Bono Culture and Interface of Legal Aid in the Nigerian Legal System

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Journal Title: Journal of Alternate Dispute Resolution
Author(s): Ejiro Kore-Okiti & Ezinne Okorote
Published On: 24/04/2023
Volume: 2
First Page: 41
Last Page: 66
ISSN: 2583-682X
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Ejiro Kore-Okiti & Ezinne Okorote, An Evaluation of the Pro-Bono Culture and Interface of Legal Aid in the Nigerian Legal System, Volume 2 Issue 1, Journal of Alternate Dispute Resolution, pp 41-66, Published on 24/04/2023, Available at


Speaking of lawyers and their duty to the society cannot be a complete communiqué if the concept “pro-bono publico” is not endured. Over the years, the Nigerian legal system has been hesitant to enacting a legal framework specifically mandating or encouraging lawyers to render pro-bono services, invariably making it a duty at will. Although, behind the scenes there have been some latent efforts geared at placing the workings of public interest litigation/pro-bono at the frontier of the of the legal profession, but this feat has undoubtedly encountered some bridle as a result of the myriad challenges inherent in the Nigerian legal system. It is in the light of these, that the desire of this discourse is prompted. The ensuing discourse would flash a beam into the lagging pro-bono culture in Nigeria, challenges confronting legal institutions and stakeholders in the justice system saddled with the responsibility of providing pro bono and legal aid services to the citizenry, especially the indigents. This research would further highlight legal and institutional frameworks established for the effectual actualization of easy access to justice via pro-bono and legal aid initiatives, while rounding off on necessary recommendation and solutions.

Keywords: Probono, Legal Aid, Rights, Easy Access to Justice, Duty And Indigent, Legal System

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